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Well Productivity

Our Services


  • Typical 48-hour Response Window for Inspection & Report 

  • Laboratory Report Turnaround Times vary with Laboratories

  • Source Description and Well Log Search 

  • System Inventory

Pump System Component


  • Controls and Motor Diagnostic 

  • Motor Winding resistance 

  • Motor Conductor Insulation resistance 

  • Capacitance Check(s) 

  • Pressure Switch Condition 

  • Electrical Code / Safety Assessment 

  • Mechanical Component assessment 

  • Pressure Tank Condition 

  • Zero Withdrawal Pump Cycle Time 

  • Piping Code Compliance 

  • Pressure gauge /Pressure relief Condition 

Peak Demand Test

Peak Demand Test

(Brief Source and Pump System Production)

  • Less than 30 - Minute withdrawal test

  • Establish approximate pump capacity

  • Identifies basic water availability

  • 2-hour flow test

  • 4-hour flow test

Well Productivity
Certified Well Inspector

Joe Hembrook 

Phone: 208-500-9930


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